3x3 Steel Gate Posts

Product Details

XCEL 3x3 Steel Gate Posts


1.Pre-galvanized Steel

2.Steel Post Size : 3" x 3" (75mm x 75mm)

3.Steel Post Wall Thickness:  14Ga (2.0mm),12 Ga(2.5mm)

4.Steel Post Surface: PPG Powder Coated


(1) Safety: Using high-strength zinc alloy, after T5 heat treatment and unique design, one-piece molding, no solder joints, the overall strength is greatly improved.

(2) Aesthetics: Streamlined appearance, soft colors, can harmonize the surrounding landscape, can blend with modern urban space and natural environment, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely time.

(3) Comfort: Look far away and enjoy the beautiful scenery, providing you with a comfortable and safe platform. The

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(4) Practicality: The surface is treated with a special process to form a permanent protective film, smooth and flat, never rust, easy to clean, no maintenance.

(5) Weather resistance: Linfen railing products are specially treated with the characteristics of their aluminum alloys, so they can be safely used in air pollution cities or sea salt-corroded coastal areas to solve your maintenance worries.

XCEL Metal Post Surface Treatment 

XCEL Metal Post ASTM Certificate : 3500 Hours Salt Spray Test