4x4 Square Metal Gate Post

Product Details

XCEL 4x4 Square Metal Gate Post

4x4 Metal fence posts can be used to secure fence panels for added stability and security. They can also be used to install attractive metal fencing on driveways. These types of post have a longer expected lifespan than timber and are more hard wearing. They require minimal maintenance, especially when treated with anti-rust paint.


· Galvanized for additional rust-resistance

·  Durable black powder-coated finish

·  Post includes a matching fitted post cap

XCEL 4x4  metal Gate Post Material:

1.Pre-galvanized Steel

2.Gate Post Surface: PPG Powder Coated

XCEL Gate Post Surface Treatment 

XCEL Gate Post ASTM Certificate : 3500 Hours Salt Spray Test

Xcel  4x4 post Standard Size

100x100x3.0mm  4" x4" x 11Ga