2x2 Steel Fencing Posts

Product Details

XCEL Residential 2x2 Steel Fencing Posts

XCEL Residential 2x2 steel Post Material:

Xcel 2x2 post Standard Size

50x50x1.5mm  2’’x2’’x16Ga

1.Pre-galvanized Steel

2.Metal Fence Post Surface: PPG Powder Coated

Our 2x2 Steel Fencing Posts metal chain corner posts are part of the fence frame that helps support the chain fabric. These posts can be used at the end of the fence line, at the corner of the fence or on the doorpost. The corner post should be 36 inches underground.

Zinc plating for extended life

Vertical frame support that provides a chain link structure

Easy installation

For installing chain fences

XCEL Fencing Posts Surface Treatment 

XCEL metal Fence Post ASTM Certificate : 3500 Hours Salt Spray Test