4x4 Inch Galvanized Steel Fence Post

Product Details

4x4 inch galvanized steel fence post


(1) Safety: It is made of high-strength zinc alloy, formed by T5 heat treatment, and has a unique design, integrated molding, no solder joints, and the overall strength is greatly improved.

(2) Aesthetics: streamlined appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, blending with modern urban space and natural environment, let you swim in the meantime.

(3) Comfort: Looking out into the distance, enjoying the view, providing you with a comfortable and safe platform.

(4) Practicality: The surface is treated by special process to form a permanent protective film, smooth and flat, never rust, easy to clean, no maintenance.

(5) Weather resistance: This product is characterized by its aluminum alloy, and the surface is specially treated. Therefore, it can be used safely in air-polluted cities or coastal areas where sea salt is corroded, so that you can solve the worries of maintenance.

The 4x4 Inch Galvanized Steel Fence Post is both practical and decorative, and can be used for family houses, courtyards, villas, enterprises, institutions, municipalities, and park exterior fences. Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. The product is made of hot zinc steel, has strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent heat and humidity resistance, low basic requirements, long service life and green environmental protection. The product can be customized to the height and width of the product. You can also choose the right color for your preference.

4x4 steel fence post is using galvanized steel tube.

4x4 fence post is powder coated in black or green color.

4 galvanized fence post is packed 240pcs/ pallet.

steel fence posts 4x4  is made in  China.

galvanized steel fence posts  is widely used for any fence panels.