4x4 Steel Fence Post

4x4 inch galvanized steel fence post 4x4 steel fence post is using galvanized steel tube. 4x4 fence post is powder coated in black or green color. 4 galvanized fence post is packed 240pcs/ pallet. steel fence posts 4x4 is made in China. galvanized steel fence posts is widely used for any fence...

Product Details

4x4 Steel Fence Post


1. The zinc coating is thick, crystals are fine, uniform and non-porous, and the corrosion resistance is good;

2. The zinc layer obtained through electroplating is relatively pure, and the corrosion is slow in the fog of acid and alkali, which can effectively protect the steel matrix;

3. The zinc coating is white, colored, military green, etc. after passivation with chromic acid, which is aesthetically pleasing and has a decorative effect;

4. Because the zinc coating has good ductility, it can be used for cold punching, rolling, bending and other molding without damaging the coating.

Packed 240pcs/ pallet

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