6 Foot Heavy Duty Square Steel Fence Posts

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6 foot heavy duty square steel fence posts

Xcel fence is a fence factory since 1990. We supply 6 ft post.

6 Foot Heavy Duty Square Steel Fence Posts is a fence post. They are made of steel and sometimes made of durable rails. They can be used to support various types of wires or wire mesh. The end view of the column produces a distinct T, Y or other shape. The column is driven into the ground with a manual or pneumatic pile driver. Along the column, along the spine, there are studs or small pieces that prevent the barbed wire or mesh from sliding up and down the struts.

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6 foot steel fence post is widely used for 4’ fence panels.

6ft posts is widely used for residential areas.

We have supplied heavy duty steel fence posts,6 ft steel fence posts, square steel fence posts and steel fence posts more than 25 years.

6ft fence post  is 2 x 2 inches  or 50mm x 50mm

6 foot steel fence is using pre galvanized steel pipe.

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6 ft steel fence posts is square fence post.


Galvanized fence posts is powder coated in black color. We also supply green fence posts.


We also have 5ft fence post, 6ft metal fence post, 7ft fencing post, 8ft fencing posts, 9ft fencing posts,10ft fence posts, 11 ft fence posts, 12 ft fence posts,etc.

When installing steel fences in concrete, steel fences are often corroded at the base due to costly premature failure and repair due to improper installation. Please follow the installation guide and use it correctly the first time.

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