8 Foot Galvanized Steel Fence Posts

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8 foot galvanized steel fence posts 

8 foot steel fence is made of square pre galvanized steel pipe. It is 2 x 2 inches or 50mm x 50mm. It is widely used for 6 inch fence panels. It is widely used for commercial areas. 

Galvanized fence posts is powder coated in black color. We also supply green fence posts.



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High Quality Galvanized Steel


Multi-Surface Treatment

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Hot intrusion zinc layer: plays an electrochemical protection role to prevent the rust of the steel substrate from inside to outside.

Non-phosphorus layer: enhances the adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

Zinc-rich epoxy primer powder coating: excellent anti-corrosion properties and impact resistance.

Glossy Polyester top powder coating: UV stability, long-term anti-dirty properties and surface self-cleaning properties.

Advanced Fully Automatic Powder Coating Line

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3500 Hours Salt Spray Test