8 Foot Galvanized Steel Fence Posts

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8 foot galvanized steel fence posts 

Xcel fence is a fence factory since 1990. We supply 8 ft post. 

8 steel fence posts are widely used for 6’ fence panels.

8ft posts is widely used for commercial areas.


We have supplied heavy duty steel fence posts,8 foot steel fence post,8 ft galvanized fence post,8 ft steel fence posts, square steel fence posts and steel fence posts more than 25 years.


8ft fence post  is 2 x 2 inches  or 50mm x 50mm

8 foot galvanized steel fence posts.jpg


8 foot steel fence is using pre galvanized steel pipe.

High Quality Galvanized Steel


Multi-Surface Treatment

 xcel post laying.jpg


8 ft steel fence posts is square fence post.


Galvanized fence posts is powder coated in black color. We also supply green fence posts.

Advanced Fully Automatic Powder Coating Line

xcel powder coating line.jpg

3500 Hours Salt Spray Test 


We also have 5ft fence post, 6ft metal fence post, 7ft fencing post, 8ft fencing posts, 9ft fencing posts,10ft fence posts, 11 ft fence posts, 12 ft fence posts,etc.