Easily Assembly Flat Top Steel Fence Panel,pool Fence

Easily assembly Flat top steel fence panel,pool fence

Product Details

Easily assembly Flat top steel fence panel,pool fence

Pool fence panels made from Steel or wrought iron rail tube with size 38x25x1.5mm tube,  Picket tube with round 16or19mm, thickness from 1.0 to 1.5mm, Punched holes in the rail tube, then weld the 2 tubes together with silicon bronze, will not rusted for many years. Finally powder coated to black.

 We provide customization service per your sketch or draft.

Pool fence  specification
Rail(mm)Picket(mm)Center Space(mm)Post(mm)
Advantage :
1)Quick installation, less labor;
2)The structure is beautiful and good harmony with the environment;
3)Bright colors, smooth surface, high tensile strength and toughness;
3)Corrosion-resistant, anti-static, non-fading, anti-aging;
4)No embitterment and cracking.

Why Choose Us

Technology Procedure:


    1. Hot-dip galvanizing: Extra protection against rust, corrosion;

    2. Phosphate conversion coating: Promote adhesion between steel and coating film;
    3. Polyester colorful coating: With extra anti-UV rays, corrosion and self cleaning.   

Why choose us 

1.More than 25 Years manufacturing experience.

2.There are strict inspection in our company to control the quality.

3. We have streamline production to insure the competitive price, which can insure that you are competitive in your market.

4.We can guarantee the construction period . 

5.We would love to be able to cooperate with you