Flat Top Puppy Picket Aluminum Steel Fence For China Factory

Alibaba Flat Top Puppy Picket Aluminum steel Fence for china factory

Product Details

Alibaba Flat Top Puppy Picket Aluminum steel Fence for china factory

wrought iron fence will add a look of style and elegance to almost any fence project. wrought iron fence are generally maintenance-free and very strong.   wrought iron fence can generally come with a durable powder coat paint finish.  wrought iron fencecan also have an epoxy coat finish for high durability.  wrought iron fence are more decorative in a finished sense than most wood fences and vinyl fences.  wrought iron fence are made in a wide range of standard styles and even can be made in semi-custom or custom styles, which include two and three rails styles.

2.feature of wrought iron fence:  

  • Classic, elegant design

  • Sturdy welded construction

  • Modular design for easy installation

  • Gate and end units also available

  • Cast iron finials

3.parameter of wrought iron fence:

  1. Material: Hot dip galvanized steel pipe

  2. Rails: 1 1/4"x.080" thick

  3. Pickets: 3/4"sq x.060" thick

  4. Picket Spacing: 3 13/16" (in between pickets)

  5. Post Spacing: 72 1/2" on center

  6. Available Heights: 48", 54", 60" & 72" 60" Height Meets B.O.C.A. Pool Code (Flush Bottom Rail)

  7. Available Widths: 72" & 96"

  8. Available Colors: Black, White & Bronze

  9. Sections Can Rack 30" Over a 6' section

  10. PvC Polyester Powder Coating

  11. Stainless Steel Colored Head Screws

 4.Post length of wrought iron fence:

  • 60" Length For 36" Height Fence

  • 70" Length For 48" Height Fence

  • 78" Length For 54" Height Fence

  • 84" Length For 60" Height Fence

  • 96" Length For 72" Height Fence