4 Foot High Tube Steel Fence

4 Foot High Tube Steel Fence
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There are several reasons for building a fence: protecting privacy, setting boundaries, and enhancing the aesthetics of the building. Whatever the reason, we have a fence system for your home and landscape. From chain fences to electronic pet fences, please use our product guide to determine which fence system is right for your needs. Our fences mainly have the following characteristics:
1. No fading, bright colors, stylish and beautiful
2. Easy to assemble and install with various designs
3. Strong corrosion resistance, effectively prevent acid, alkali, salt erosion
4. Smooth, delicate, vivid, bright, gorgeous appearance
5. Safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to humans and animals
6. You can choose from a variety of specifications to combine Western style with modern aesthetics
7. Has sufficient strength and impact resistance
8. It adopts special spraying, anti-ultraviolet, no fading, no cracking, no blistering.

   This products are beautiful in appearance, free in color matching, no welding penetration, strong protection, self-cleaning and environmental protection, reaching the national low-carbon life green products in the true sense.

1. The product substrate is made of steel plate and hot-dip steel plate, which adopts high-frequency welding technology, and the welding is flat and firm.
2. The surface steel of the steel pipe reaches 60-80 g/m2, and it can rust for 3 to 5 years at normal temperature.
3. The product is further processed by plated steel tubes.
Guardrail technology: mechanical processing, chemical processing, electrostatic spraying, multi-process after processing can not rust for more than 20 years.
4. The biggest feature of the product is that there is no welding. The research and development of the fittings and piping is a perfect combination of aesthetics and sturdiness, in line with the standards of the American Fence Association.
5. Powder is sprayed on the surface of the product.