4ft Black Metal Picket Fence

4ft Black Metal Picket Fence
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Product description

   Steel fences provide maximum safety. The system is easy to assemble and, once assembled, provides a rugged system and protects against crime and vandalism.

   All steel fence products are usually supplied with hot dip galvanizing to provide long-term weatherability. It can also be treated with ordinary mild steel surface treatment or powder coating to meet your color specifications.


    Picket Fencing is now made out of Pre-Galvanised Steel, with an oven baked, powder coated finish that gives you the nice apperance. With a wide range of sizes and styles, it  has the advantages of being low-maintenance,  temperature resistant and easy install. Thus it is widely used in gardens, schools, factories, pools, residential, industrial and commercial security projects.

Fencing where a high level of security is important

  • Commercial and/or Industrial perimeter fencing applications

  • Schools, Power-stations, Government projects

  • Railway stabling yards

  • Business factories, warehouses and offices

  • Police Fire and Ambulance stations

1. It compares the same cross-sectional dimensions as ordinary steel, with mechanical and physical properties exceeding the rate of increase of 30%;
2. Beautiful appearance, easy to use, low price;
3. It is directly buried with the pile driver, does not destroy the vegetation, can be recycled after several years, in line with national environmental protection requirements, is an environmentally friendly product.
4. Anti-theft performance is good, because it is a special product, no other use, it is not easy to be stolen.