4ft Powder Coated Steel Fence

4ft Powder Coated Steel Fence
Product Details

    The high quality fence is a high security fence and it is very popular. It is designed to provide a barrier that can be formed, prevent intrusion and theft, and provide a good alternative to high walls. It is manufactured from thermoformed and cold rolled actual steel profiles. In addition, it has a very neat choice, such as different pale parts and pale vertices, and can be easily drawn using the colors of your choice to match the environment or building. High quality steel fence fences are easy to install and move. High quality steel fences are a cost effective way to provide a high level of safety for any property boundary.


  • Simple, clean and stylish linesSteel is strong, light and rust free.

  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly.In-ground and above ground posts are available.

  • Steel is strong and durable yet light and easy to transport and install.

  • Perfect for use around pool areas and in the garden and window.

1.Robust, durable and structurally safe
2.With natural beauty, the original design is simple and the lines are smooth and exquisite.
3.It has strong plasticity and can be made into wrought iron fences of various specifications and models according to customer requirements.
4.Easy to install, free from terrain fluctuations, suitable for a wide range of applications.
5.However, it will affect its service life in bad weather. Strong sunlight and heavy rain are not conducive to the durability of the fence board.