6 Foot Metal Perimeter Fencing

6 Foot Metal Perimeter Fencing
Product Details


1. advanced surface treatment  
This product adopts thick galvanized layer and features strong adhension, improve resistance to corrosion, which enhance the adhension between metal surface and coating.
Passivation treatment: strengthen rust-proof ability through change charge-site of the metal surface.
Polyester powder coating: applying famous brand in the world.

2. progressing electrostatic spraying for powder coated
Definition of Electrostatic spraying: to make atomizing paint particulate carry a negative charge under direct current high voltage electric field. In the electrostatic field, the paint particulate is attracted to metal surface which is with positive charge. Then a uniform fast paint film is formed.

Product advantages:

1. The fence has comparatively high overall strength and very apparent decorative effect;

2. The welding spots are firm enough against cutting;

3. High grade plastic dipping with ten years guarantee rust resistance;

4. To install and disassemble easily.Can be reused. Can be adjusted according to the fencing needs;

5. Environmentally friendly products. Can be ultimately recyclable.