6 Ft Metal Picket Gate

6 Ft Metal Picket Gate
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Product description

   6 Ft Metal Picket Gate is a lighter alternative to the heavy industrial fencing used for specified projects.The welded 1” picket, 1 ¾” rail of the fence panel and 2 1/2” posts provides this ornamental fence a robust security profile.The steel fence best fits use such as fencing around industrial parks, self-storage facilities, manufacturing plants, and various other industrial projects.

   6 Ft Metal Picket Gate is manufactured using hot-formed and cold-rolled substantial steel sections. Also it has a very neat-looking option,like different pales sections and pale top point, and can be painted easily with your colour of choice to match the environment or buildings. This fence is easily to install and move. 

   This fence is elegant, strong, durable and fulfils many demanding roles. It is regularly used around industrial units, civic amenities, schools and other such applications where security is a major concern.

   The security level of fence can be increased by increasing the height of the fence, increasing the number of pales per panel, increasing the thickness of pale, adding a concrete plinth.


    6 Ft Metal Picket Gate are widley used in villas, community, gardens, schools, factories and other  flower beds, lawns, industrial and financial institutions, sports stadiums, squares, roads, balconies, residential use. The fence is environment-friendly,it can be used around us.