8 Foot Metal Fence

8 Foot Metal Fence
Product Details

This 8 Foot Metal Fence is a complete welded fence system that enhances every architectural style.Designed to meet your perimeter security needs while blending into the background. The fence is an electric welding fence system for residential, commercial and industrial fence projects.


Wholesale steel fence broad range of fence grades,heights,and designs provide all of the options needed to enclose or define any area,parks,recreation area,building perimeter security,parking lot borders,law enforcement security enclosures,equipment,storage yard fences,roadside,pathway boundary perimeters,athletic field enclosures,swimming pool enclosures and so on.

* Cost effective
8 Foot Metal Fence offers competitive price levels while maintaining high quality, rigidity and performance.
* Longevity
Galvanized and PVC coatings are corrosion resistant, have a long service life, low maintenance costs and a beautiful appearance.
* high strength
The 8 Foot Metal Fences are welded from sturdy steel wire with a rectangular grid and horizontal reinforcement, which gives the panel a high strength.
*Quick installation
All components are attractive for fences and other components, achieving professional and high quality fences for optimal installation.