Garden Trellis Picket Fencing Panels

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Product Details

Garden Trellis Picket Fencing Panel is an excellent solution to the fence of private property, security, public buildings (schools, kindergartens, sports fields) as well as the security of industrial sites and office buildings. Easy to install, low cost performance and high durability.All components are made of high quality steel, which are subject to a process of hot-dip tinning making it possible to ensure decades of corrosion protection under normal conditions.


1) Excellent heat resistant and high intensity.

2) High strength and strong integration.

3) Flat and smooth surface combined with firm structure.

4) Stay holistic even cut into fragmented parts.


1. We strictly select good material to ensure the reliable quality.

2.Not only in the selection of materials, but also in every production procedures.  

3.We buy the material from the big steel  factory,  never buy the material from small mill.

4.The Technical and specialized support from us will be available.

5.The upgraded products information will be timely supplied.