Modern Horizontal Wood Fence

Product Details


The Modern Horizontal Wood Fence fence is mainly used as a fence mesh on the sides of bridges along highways, highways and highways. It can also be used for security protection of airports, ports and terminals, parks, lawns, zoos and pools in municipal construction. Isolation and protection of lakes, roads, residential areas, protection and decoration products for hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues, etc.

The anti-corrosion wood fence is made of anti-corrosion treatment. It can be used for protection against vegetation, roads and buildings under the conditions of outdoor contact with water and soil. It is used for protective and ornamental fences of bridges, roads and buildings.

Waterborne wood preservative:

1. Vacuum high pressure impregnation: This process is a key step in antiseptic treatment. Firstly, the physical process of impregnating the inside of the wood into the wood is realized. At the same time, the chemical reaction between the active ingredients of some preservatives and the starch, cellulose and sugar in the wood is completed. The process, which destroys the living environment of bacteria and insects that cause wood decay, and effectively improves the outdoor anti-corrosion properties of wood.

2. High temperature qualitative: continue to make the preservative as uniform as possible into the interior of the anti-corrosion wood at high temperature, and continue to complete the chemical reaction process between the active ingredients of the preservative and the starch, cellulose and sugar in the wood. Further destroy the living environment of bacteria and insects that cause wood decay.

3. Natural air drying: natural air drying requires air drying in the actual use of wood, this process is to adapt to the changes in the structure of wood cells caused by environmental changes in outdoor open wood flooring and outdoor special anticorrosive wood flooring, making it in a gradual The process is fully fixed to the maximum extent to avoid changes during use.