Professional Privacy Plastic Lattice Fence Installation

Product Details

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During the production we arrange the samples lot as per the customer requirement , then we send the samples photo and samples to the cusomter to approval.

We use high quality galvanized steel to ensure our customers get the most out of their Professional Privacy Plastic Lattice Fence Installation and gates. We use quality silicon welding wire for all welding joints and our standard size rails are machine punched rather than drilled ( not applicable to bend/curve panels and gates). These combine processes help to minimize the corrosive effects of rust by helping preserve the cold galvanising agent on our steel. We can also provide our customers with the option of undercoating their steel fence with zinc enriched anti-corrosive prima or for maximum protection we can arrange hot galvanised dipping. 

We will renew production procedure for you every 3 days or 4 days to show you the material, the Surface finish, the procedure, the packing, the loading, etc. So you can know clearly what material your products used and how your products produced. Moreover, you can supervise the goods' quality from the beginning material until the last procedure.

If the Products have quality problem in destination port because of our packing, we will re-back the money to you or less the money in your next order.

Any question please feel free to contact us.