DIY Fences And Gates

DIY Fences And Gates
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DIY Fences and Gates 


DIY Fences and Gates are often used in factories, institutions, schools, stadiums, roads, railways, parks, and so on. They are made of high-temperature hot dip galvanized steel. They have excellent anti-corrosion and rust-proof performance and long service life in a harsh environment for up to several decades. They are easy to install and maintain. 


1. Corrosion resistance, antistatic, no fading;

2. High strength, toughness, no cracking, no embrittlement;

3. The use of assembled whole frame structure, easy installation, easy construction;

4. In coordination with the natural environment, choose the color according to different needs of use;

5. Bright color, smooth surface, beautiful structure and good coordination with the environment.

To match all XCEL fence styles, we provide 3 different gate kits: 

S:  For 2 rail or 3 rail S-Stowe or P-Powderhorn Series.

N:  For 2 rail or 3 rail N-Aspen or K-Killington or F-Cortina Series.

T:  For 2 rail or 3 rail T-Vail Series.

All Gate Kits are available in G60 Galvanized Steel or 6063-T5 High Grade Aluminum.

Standard Color: Black

Maximum Size: 6’H X 8’W

kits includes:

Universal Gate Latch with tek-screws

Gate ends with caps

Self-closing gate hinge  (Aluminium) with tek-screws

Gate ells  (Aluminium) with tek-screws

* AN for 2(T)2(S) gates ells with tek-screws

* AN for 4(T) gate ells with tek-screws

* AS for 4(S) gate ells with tek-screws


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