Gatehouse Vinyle Fence Gate Kit

Gatehouse Vinyle Fence Gate Kit
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Gatehouse Vinyle Fence Gate Kit

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Gatehouse Vinyle Fence Gate Kits are assembled using welding-free interleaving combinations. The surface is electrostatically sprayed with polyester anti-oxidation powder, which enhances the anti-oxidation and UV resistance of the guardrail and its weathering and corrosion resistance. The installation is quick and easy, and the installation is done using a proprietary connection fitting, which greatly increases the installation efficiency. Because of its high degree of durability, it is widely used in institutions, schools, parks, hospitals, airports, factories, apartments, stations and so on.

It is a thermosetting liquid resin, which combines the excellent mechanical properties of epoxy resin with the easy processing and fast curing of unsaturated polyester resin, and its performance in chemical resistance is much better than that of epoxy resin and general unsaturated polyester. Resin, especially because of its high specific strength and fatigue resistance, makes epoxy acrylic vinyl ester resin widely used in anti-corrosion, flooring, pipe fittings, automobiles, ships, military, sports equipment and other fields.

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Gate Installation

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