Custom Metal Privacy Garden Fence Gates

Custom Metal Privacy Garden Fence Gates
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For the purchase of Custom Metal Privacy Garden Fence Gates, first of all, from the material of the welded wire mesh, the quality of the mesh material directly affects the practicality and quality of the finished products of the fence. The first is how to choose the mesh of the fence. The mesh is welded by different specifications of wire. The quality of the wire directly affects the quality of the mesh. In the selection of silk, it should be selected by the regular manufacturer. The finished wire is pulled out; the second is the welding or braiding process of the mesh. This aspect is mainly based on the skill and operation between the technician and the good production machine. A good mesh is every welding or preparation point. Can be connected very well. Then the selection of the fence frame should be made of high-quality angle steel and round steel. The angle steel and round steel used in different fence applications should also be different. Then the overall spray should pay attention to the uniformity of the spray, and the quality of the paint is also crucial.


1. Fence column specifications, pipe wall thickness.

2. The frame size of the frame and the size of the frame.

3, the mesh of the mesh, the size of the mesh. Avoid manufacturers cutting corners in the production process.