Custom Metal Ornamental Garden Gate

Product Details

Heavy Double Opening Fence Gate

XCEL Fence Gate has 4 different material grades:

Residential :

Rail Size 35x35x1.2  Picket Size 16x16x1.0 Post Size 50x50x1.5


Rail Size 38x38x1.5 Picket Size 19x19x1.2 Post Size 63.5x63.5x2.0

Commercial Plus:

Rail Size 38x38x2.0 Picket Size 19x19x1.5 Post Size 63.5x63.5x2.5

Industrial Plus:

Rail Size 45x45x2.0 Picket 25x25x2.0 Post Size 75x75x2.5

XCEL provide more than 40 fence gate styles to meet the market demands.