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Aluminium Fence for Garden

Sep 27, 2017


Aluminum is the second-most used metal after steel, due in part to its versatility and efficiency. Aluminum provides strong structural support to machined parts and construction material without adding excess weight to the products, which allows for more efficient fuel consumption in vehicles using aluminum parts and in transportation of the material in general.

XCEL  manufactures and distributes ornamental aluminum fence,  aluminum garden gates,  aluminum pool fences,aluminum railing systems to a wide network of contractors and landscapers. Our complete line of low-maintenance aluminum fencing products brings the traditional look of wrought-iron fence to Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

XCEL designs the diy aluminum picket fence, diy aluminum fence, diy aluminum gates for users, all the aluminum fence elements are non assembled. You can D.I.Y when you are free with your family members.