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Aluminum Black Gargen Fence Section

Sep 29, 2017

XCEL offers the best aluminum fence products: Aluminum Fence PANELS, DIY Fence Systems, ALUMINUM POOL Fences, and ALUMINUM GARDEN Fence

We provide fast fence aluminum quotes AND Guide to Aluminum Fencing

 If you are shopping for aluminum fence, you have come to the right place. Our alumimum dog fence panels and aluminum pool fence are some of the most popluar items we carry. Please contact us if you have any questions about our aluminum fence panels.

Technique information:
1)  Aluminum Alloy Chemical Composition:  

AlloyChemical compositon

2)  Surface Treatment: Anodized, Powder Coating,  Electrophoresis, Wood grain finish, etc.

Quality of the Surface Treatment: up to 10 years outdoor using Warranty as customized
Anodized5-10 u, 10u, 15u, 20u Electrophoresis Class A, B, S
Powder coatingMinimum thickness~ 40 Maximum thickness 120