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American Metal Protection Network Association (CLFMI).

Jul 19, 2018

In 1960, these companies jointly established the American Metal Protection Network Association (CLFMI). This is a trade association. Over time, the organization has established product standards for the fence industry by working with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and other organizations. F-14 is a chapter of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that specializes in improving or approving new fence standards. At the time, the F-14 was setting standards for metal welded wire mesh. The main steps are to develop a new fence standard.

 The F-14 chapter asked members to come up with some ideas for the new fence. These include wire diameter, lateral and longitudinal wire spacing, indicating the type of treatment, mesh height and width, and main uses (eg, industrial, civil, commercial, safety products, etc.). The club must carefully compare the ideas put forward by all members and write the initial written standards. F-14 organizes a meeting-by-project discussion of this preliminary standard. After the discussion, make some changes and send the standard to each member.


    If a member has any other ideas for adding or correcting a standard, he or she can propose it to the club in writing. All these proposals were discussed at the meeting. After that, it became a formal written standard for all members to vote by hand. After the vote is passed, ASTM will code the archive. This process takes 18 to 30 weeks. At the same time, the American Metal Shield Association actively cooperates with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to set standards for safety products such as swimming pool blocks, electric doors, and barbed wire products.

 The American Metal Shield Association provides a wealth of information and technical support to architects, engineers, government agencies and other clients. They published standard guidelines for metal fences that are now widely used by many companies and governments.

 The American Metal Shield Association has also established UPC codes (product barcodes) for the fence industry. This association contributes a lot to the American fence industry and these are just a few of the organization's main contributions.

Two years after the establishment of the American Metal Shield Association, in 1962 some fence installers set up another association, the American Fence Industry Association. At first the organization was very small, with only 22 members in its first year. But after 10 years, it developed into an association of 577 members. In the 1990s, the association was renamed the American Fence Association. There are now more than 2,400 member companies.