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An assembled fence

Aug 03, 2018

An assembled fence comprising a horizontal bar (10), a vertical column (9), a snap member (3); a snap member (3) is a non-metallic elastic member; and a vertical column (9) through the snap member (3) The middle vertical column insertion hole (3-2) is engaged with the clip (3); the outer ring of the clip (3) is inserted into the insertion hole (10A) of the crossbar, and the outer part of the clip (3) The upper end of the ring has an outward flange (3-1), and the lower outer ring of the flange (3-1) is provided with an inclined surface (3-5) inclined to the inner side, and the lower side of the inclined surface (3-5) is a straight side (3-4), the outer diameter of the straight side (3-4) is smaller than the outer diameter of the upper end flange (3-1), the upper end surface of the inclined surface (3-5) and the lower end surface of the flange (3-1) A card slot (3-6) adapted to the thickness of one side of the profile of the crossbar (10); an inner ring of the clip (3) corresponding to the bevel (3-5) on the outer ring The surface is provided with inwardly convex bumps (3-7), and the bumps (3-7) protrude from the top to the bottom in a convex arc shape, and the bumps (3-7) protrude into the vertical column (9) The upper end surface (3-8) of the bump (3-7) abuts against the opening of the snap hole (9-1). The fence can be assembled on site and at a low cost.