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Anti-climbing fence

Sep 26, 2018

Anti-climbing fence is a new type of guardrail upgrade. It is based on high-temperature hot-dip zinc corrosion-resistant steel. The surface adopts world-class Nobel organic zinc epoxy high-temperature curing layer for anti-corrosion. Twenty years of quality assurance: It is a substitute for stainless steel, wrought iron and plastic steel profiles with beautiful appearance, super protection, bright color, sturdy and durable, easy to construct and environmental protection.

Feature description

1. Assembled design, quick and easy to install.

2. Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment. More than 15 years of service life. It solves the problems of rust, chalking, fading and cracking of traditional products in a short time, and greatly reduces the cost of product maintenance and renewal.

3. Environmental protection, no pollution to the environment, solve the problem of pollution of buildings with ordinary products.

4. The surface of the electrostatic spraying makes the fence products have good self-cleaning performance, and the rain water and water spray can be as clean as new.

5. Good decorative and rich colors to meet the individual requirements of different customers for fence products.

6. Good flexibility, steel pipe's rigidity and flexibility make the fence products have better impact resistance.

7. Stainless steel safety bolts, anti-theft design, solve your worries.

Features: beautiful, high strength, strong corrosion resistance

Uses: Used for beautification and protection of roads, communities, factories, parks and green spaces.

Color: red, blue, yellow, green, black, etc.