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Assembly fence

Jul 13, 2018

Assembly fence


       It is a kind of guardrail product with assembled integral frame structure, which is beneficial to construction and convenient and quick to install. The connection between the mesh and the column is made of a semi-circular head and neck bolt with an anti-theft washer to prevent the fence net from being dismantled at will. Suitable for mass production, as a highway, park, community isolation network, generally no more than 2 meters in height, in harmony with the natural environment.


Advantages of assembling fence mesh products:

1. The assembly fence mesh is quick and easy to install, and is suitable for mass production in large quantities.

2. Multi-layer anti-corrosion treatment, more than ten years of service life.

3. Quick installation and less work.

4. The assembled fence mesh is a split structure, and the mesh and frame colors can be selected at will to achieve beautiful appearance and individuality. It has good structure and environmental coordination.