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Assembly guardrails

Sep 14, 2018

Assembly guardrails (also known as assembly fences, plug-in fences, wrought iron fences) are a type of zinc steel guardrail. The name of the assembled guardrail is derived from its special structural form - the riser and the crossbeam are assembled by plugging.

The assembled zinc steel fence is currently in a very large market. This product is characterized by its zinc-gold alloy, and its surface is treated with special processes, so that it can be as bright as the edge of desertification, whether it is in the hot southern part of the climate, the shore where sea salt is corroded, or the cold north. Long-lasting stainless.

The assembly guardrail is uniquely anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-theft, beautiful in appearance, and can be selected according to your preference. The installation is convenient and fast, and the price is moderate. It is gradually popular in domestic and foreign markets. The assembly guardrail is made of stainless steel anti-theft screws and cast aluminum fittings. It can be used safely for 50 years to solve the maintenance and repair problems. It has many varieties and rich colors, and can be integrated with various environments. It can choose different styles according to the regional environment and highlight individuality. The lines of the products are smooth, exquisite in style, fashionable and style, simple and elegant, stable and sturdy. Some reveal the rich artistic atmosphere of ancient Rome, and some exude the charm of South American Mayan classics. The external decoration and the inner charm blend into one.

The assembly guardrail is made of zinc steel. The products used in the building guardrail mainly include: balcony guardrails, protective windows, stair railings, fences, garden fences, blinds, air-conditioning guardrails, and road guardrails. Industrial fences (such as factory fences, commercial site fences), agricultural fences (such as field fences, livestock fences), civil fences (such as building roof fences, fence walls, etc.), public facilities fences (such as road barriers), etc. .

What are the characteristics and advantages of assembling the guardrail?

(1) It is made of zinc alloy, which is not easy to rust and does not need to be welded. It replaces the rusting dish of wrought iron on the market now, and the rust prevention measures are carried out every year.

(2) High-temperature baking paint through advanced technology, its paint surface is resistant to high temperature, sun, rain, corrosion, and peeling, and the wall is polluted.

(3) The assembly is simple. Through years of market exploration, innovation, and reform, its products have matured to a certain extent.

(4) The combination of zinc alloy material and high-tech baking varnish has confirmed the new concept of green environmental protection.

(5) Environmental protection process performance: no solder joints, reverse punching technology, advanced surface treatment technology.

(6) Firmness: refers to the quality requirements for it as a building product.

(7) Aesthetics: Streamlined appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, blending with modern urban space and natural environment, let you swim in the meantime.

(8) The product is both practical and decorative, and can be customized according to customer requirements. The product is made of hot zinc steel and has strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent heat and humidity resistance, low basic requirements, long service life and environmental protection. The product can be customized to the height and width of the product. You can also choose the right color for your preference.