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balcony railing installation points

Aug 01, 2018

1, balcony railing glass plane installation points:

The balcony railing glass must be made of tempered glass or laminated glass. The thickness of the tempered glass should not be less than 13 mm. The glass should not be in direct contact with the rigid joint. There should be elastic material padding between the two. When the design uses two-sided glass barriers, The glass should be inserted into the notch of the column to have a gap of more than 3 mm. The gap is filled with glass sealant and the glass is not less than 13 mm.

2, balcony guardrail glass base column installation points:

The base of the glass guardrail is the key part of the fixed guardrail. It needs to be assembled into fixed glass by angle steel. The two sides of the fixed part are fixed with the expansion screw and the floor or by electric welding and pre-treatment. It is not loose, glass and fixed. The bottom of the groove is padded with a rubber support block with a hardness of 80-90. The depth of the glass extending into the fixing member is more than 10 mm. The glass should extend 3 to 6 mm on both sides of the fixing member (that is, between the angle steel and the steel plate). The gap is covered with a neoprene sheet, and the glass is clamped. A gap of about 6 mm is required between the steel sheet and the glass, and a gap of about 6 mm is left between the glass and other materials. The gap is made of glass sealant. Filling, after installation, after checking to ensure that it is safe and not loose, the surface of the guardrail base shall be covered with decoration. It should be noted that the covering material shall not directly contact the glass, and the gap between the covering material and the glass also needs to be filled with glass sealant.