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bar railings

Sep 18, 2018

In the railings, there are only the pillars between the pillars and the pillars in the railings, and there are no components such as rods. Such railings are called “bar railings”. The slab of the slab railing can be engraved or not engraved. The engraver can be embossed or embossed. The pattern is beautiful, adding the art and appreciation of the railing, instead of the carved slab, it is smooth. Elegant, although not gorgeous, but also has its own charm.

The reason why the railing becomes one of the main components of Chinese architecture is that the platform and the railing have an inseparable relationship. The "bar" must come with the "tai". When the base is high, the railing, the base shape and the composition Mainly through the railings. The significance of building railings is to stop people from falling to the edge. It is both a safety facility and a fence facility.