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Carbon Steel Sheep Hurdle / Sheep Fence / Sheep Pen

Sep 28, 2017

Today, fences protect and enhance your little bit of heaven.   Fence in your garden serves many purposes.   It can be decorative, it can prevent animals from trampling and eating your flowers or vegetables, it can divide sections of your garden or can act as edging, a support or a privacy barrier and can be used to create a Japanese style garden. 

There are many different materials garden fences are made of and each has a specific purpose. 
Decorative fencing is available as iron and any metal garden fence is designed in straight patterns or scrolls and comes in different finishes.  Low garden fence, under 3 feet tall, may be used as a decorative border fence and is very attractive when it enhances the theme of your garden, landscape or home.  It can also be used to support low growing plants.

Reed ,cane and willow fence is usually over four feet tall and can easily be cut into any height.   It's purpose can be decorative when you want to cover an unsightly wall or old chain link fence, it can be used for privacy or by itself.

Reeds are woven together with twine or wire and may be painted or stained.  The reed fence lengths are then lashed to bamboo poles or wood supports (they should be treated to resist the weather) and is ready to use wherever you want to and can be set up in less than a day.  Reed and cane fence comes in rolls.  Quality reed fencing should last for 20 years if it is properly installed and maintained.

There is deer fence, snow fence, chain link fence, plastic fence and vinyl fence too.   You can even buy decorative slats to weave through your chain link fence to change it's appearance!

Garden fencing is not a challenge, it's a fun project and you can enjoy the benefits from it for years to come!

Decorative garden edging is a great way to separate your flower beds from your lawn or a pathway.  Red vine edging and willow edging is just the perfect frame for you annual bed.  Terra cotta edging can be the finishing touch your flower beds need!  Hurdles and willow screens are higher and besides being very eye pleasing, they also can add to your privacy.  Natural products age as they weather, their changing, soft hues over the years are beautiful.

You can accomplish several goals and eliminate problems with a garden fence, you can gain privacy, enhance your garden, keep animal pests and pets out (or in), organize your garden, support plants, and more!  Metal fencing, wood or plastic, different lengths and heights and colors and shapes, your new garden plan with decorative fencing will look better than ever!