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Combined guardrail - the future development trend of railings

Jan 28, 2019

Combined guardrail - the future development trend of railings

In life, we can see a variety of railings everywhere, such as balcony railings, balustrades, residential fences, garden fences, etc. These railings are made up of materials such as iron, stone, wood, plastic, and zinc steel. Features. Among these railings, metal railings are widely used in modern times because they are more convenient to install, practical and beautiful, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple. However, for a long time in the past, these metal railings were welded together to carry out the connection between Hengan and the trunk. During installation, the entire railing frame is required to be transported to the installation site, and then the professional railing technician fixes the entire railing at the corresponding position by means of electric welding equipment and drilling of reinforced concrete.

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of wrought iron technology, there has been a new type of railing in the decoration industry – the combined wrought iron railing, which has quietly changed the pattern of the entire railing industry. Compared with ordinary railings, the combined railings The big feature is its detachable assembly—that is, using the interspersed assembly design principle, punching the crossbar and inserting the vertical rod into the crossbar, and each crossbar and the vertical rod are connected by a connection. Then connect it and fasten it with screws to fix it. It no longer needs to be connected by welding. It looks firm and beautiful, convenient and efficient.


XCEL Steel Combined Railing is not only corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, non-rusting, non-fading, durable, but also has strong artistic, decorative and environmental protection. It greatly improves the installation efficiency of wrought iron railings and facilitates transportation. transport. The installed modular railings can hardly see the connection points and look beautiful. It is an ideal choice for many communities.

The biggest feature of the combined railing is that it can be assembled flexibly. It is an innovative development of the guardrail industry and broadens the development of modern guardrails in the field of building materials. Compared with the traditional monolithic wrought iron fence, it has become a choice of more and more people, and it is also the trend of future railing development. With the increasingly mature and widely used combination railing technology, it will have a far-reaching Economic and social impact.