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Foreigners invented telescopic fences, automatic lifting such as secret organs, 7,000 meters is not expensive?

May 20, 2019

Fences are everywhere in our lives, but can be freely stretched fences, have you seen them? A Polish company introduced Fancy Fence, a telescopic fence system. At first glance, it is just an ordinary fence. But the careful little friend must ask, where is this door? Don't worry, as long as the automatic sensing system detects someone approaching, the fence will retract into the ground within 5 seconds for people and cars to pass. I saw one of the rows of fences going down to the ground, and a spacious entrance and exit appeared in front of me. Like a secret institution in a martial arts film? Anyway, this cool effect is absolutely bright.

In fact, this "secret institution" is not so mysterious, and the installation is not complicated. It uses prefabricated structures, and the railings and drive units are pre-assembled and can be buried underground only on site. This structure not only ensures that it is not affected by rain and snow, but also facilitates maintenance. Fancy Fence can be used in public places or with electronic locks and installed in private homes. It can sense the car and automatically lift it. Users can also choose to enter and exit from the small door next door. What should I do if I have an unexpected power outage? The emergency switch on the ground can be opened to activate the manual operation mode. In this way, it is enough to move the railing to the next one.

Some netizens are worried about what happens when the railing suddenly rises in and out of the process. Rest assured, Fancy Fence can sense if there are any obstacles above it. If there is, the railing will stop rising immediately to avoid a safety accident. Is it very human? Fancy Fence provides sufficient openness while ensuring privacy and security. This simple, functional fence features a wooden version in addition to the metal fence. As for the price of this system, huh, huh, 1 meter is about 7,000 yuan. It seems that only local tyrants can afford such a low-key luxury fence.