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The comprehensive advantages of hot-dip galvanized guardrails

Jun 24, 2019

The comprehensive advantages of hot-dip galvanized guardrails are:

1. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion---Zinc-plated layer, zinc-rich phosphating layer and electrostatic coating all have excellent anti-rust effect. Zinc steel guardrail can guarantee 30-50 years without rust in harsh environment.

2, strong weather resistance --- electrostatic spraying process is the solid powder solidified by high temperature, this powder performance is far stable in liquid paint, including paint, performance. Therefore, the zinc steel guardrail has a good anti-UV function and will not fade under long-term sunlight.

3, tamper---installed with tamper-proof parts, tamper-proof parts and pipes are tested by the national technical department, and all indicators exceed national standards.

4, rich in color - rich colors can meet the designer's individual needs in the railing decoration building, can achieve the car shell enamel effect, including imitation wood grain color, as long as you provide swatch we can produce according to swatch

5, the hand feels delicate --- feels warm --- zinc steel rail surface can achieve two smooth surface effects of matte and matte surface, can achieve the same color of different feelings, giving the building more features and emotions. Zinc steel guardrails are widely used in residential courtyards, government schools, factories and mines, urban roads, park attractions, river banks, highways, sports facilities, hotel entertainment, etc. Suitable for different consumer needs.