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Aug 03, 2018

Guardrails are everywhere in our lives. Here we mean industrial fences. The guardrail is mainly used for the protection and protection of equipment and facilities in factories, workshops, warehouses, parking lots, commercial areas, public places and other occasions. The guardrail is made of steel, such as round steel pipe, square steel pipe or profiled steel plate. Surface treatment process: fully automatic electrostatic powder coating (ie spray) or spray paint. The raw material used for the surface treatment of the outdoor collision barrier is a water-repellent material. The anti-collision guardrail is made in a beautiful appearance and is not easy to rust. The guardrail effectively reduces the damage of the equipment and facilities caused by accidental impact when the handling equipment travels, and also protects the logistics handling equipment itself. For example, the protective fence on the edge of the loading and unloading platform prevents the forklift from accidentally falling.