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How strong is the Americans? Look at the female carpentry installed on the guardrail, immediately understand!

May 20, 2019

Everyone should know that foreigners like to do some furniture by themselves. Their hands-on ability is also quite strong. Occasionally, the brain is wide open and some gadgets will be made. Today, Xiaobian wants to share with you a beautiful American woodworker. I made a tea tray on the balcony railing. After reading it, you will immediately understand that the craftsmanship of the female woodworker can be so powerful.

First of all, of course, all the tools are prepared, and then the board is cut. This is determined according to the size of the individual's needs. In this process, safety must be paid attention to.

Then use glue to stick the boards together. In order to prevent the tape from being reinforced once, stick it to a heavier thing and press it so that it sticks more firmly.

In order to look more beautiful, the beautiful woodworker intends to engrave on the wooden board, put a piece of wood on one of the wooden boards, and then use the machine to engrave it on it. After the completion, sprinkle a layer of powder on it, and finally tear it off directly, so that The rest of the board will be soiled.

Paste the previously pasted wooden board and the engraved wooden board together, pay attention to the angle of 90 °, if you can not guarantee, you can find something to measure, and then directly strengthen it.

Then there are two sides left, with several wooden strips evenly fixed on both sides with screws, as the shape can be determined according to your own preferences.

Basically, the prototype of a saucer has been completed. At this time, it is necessary to check its corners and corners, trim each corner, and then reinforce it. Reinforce each plank with nails.

A tea tray is done, and the rest is the fixed part of the tea tray and the balcony railing. The process is very simple. The two boards are fixed at right angles, and then one end is glued to the tea tray. This step requires tools. Reinforcement, after all, if you don't stick it, then the ability to withstand is also a problem, you can't put heavy things.

The whole saucer is finished and it looks pretty good.

Adding a tea tray to the railing on the balcony is a lot easier, and it's much simpler than putting a table, and it's more space-saving. Put a glass of water and a laptop on it to create a simple workspace and watch you. I also want to have a balcony on the balcony at home!