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Iron vs. Steel Fence

Nov 07, 2017

Iron and steel are similar metals. Fundamentally, the difference between these two materials is that they have different amounts of carbon in them. 


Both iron and steel are hard materials that can make durable fences. Iron fences are only made up of iron, while steel fences contain both iron and carbon. The lack of carbon makes iron softer than steel, which makes iron less durable, requiring more frequent repairs. However, iron can resist shock and vibration. Also, when iron fractures, the breaking occurs gradually, warning fence owners to replace the fence. When steel breaks, the material breaks suddenly. This can create problems on the edge of a hazardous fall. The steel fence is more likely to break suddenly when struck by a powerful force.


Iron fences rust more than steel fences. Rusted iron gates can get stuck more easily and might require lubrication to open. Stainless steel has nickel and chromium mixed in, which makes the steel more resistant to corrosion, so the fence won't rust or change its appearance. Without these materials, steel will not last as long as iron. The steel fence has a more sleek and modern appearance, while the iron fence looks more old fashioned.