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Is the spray railing the same as the zinc alloy railing?

Jul 08, 2019

Is the spray railing the same as the zinc alloy railing?

There is a very essential difference between the two.

First, the special plastic spray railing is:

Product Features Description:

1, assembled design, quick and easy to install

2, four-layer anti-corrosion treatment, more than ten years of service life, effectively solve the problems of surface rust, chalking, cracking and other problems that have long plagued the fence products.

3, good decorative, rich colors, to meet the individual needs of different customers for fence products.

4. Environmental protection and no pollution to the environment. Solved the problem of common products polluting buildings.

5, good flexibility, high-quality steel steel and flexibility make the fence products have better impact resistance.

6, electrostatic spraying surface, so that the fence products have a good self-cleaning performance, rain wash and water spray can be as clean as new.

7, stainless steel safety bolts, anti-theft design, free of your worries.

8. The buried installation method and the installation of the floor plate not only save your infrastructure cost, but also save the land resources.

9. Good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions.