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Is the wall fence network generally set to a high standard?

Apr 04, 2019

Is the wall fence network generally set to a high standard?

The wall fence network generally sets a high standard. The fence fence network is one of the important protection materials used in the isolation and enclosure construction of the community. At present, due to the variety and appearance of the fence network, it involves the community fence. Height, how much should be set up is appropriate, some friends think that should be based on the height of the wall, other friends think that should be considered according to the construction, appearance and aesthetics of the community, the specific community installation and construction, we from here to carry out more understanding .

1. Wall height standard for fence fence

Mainly speaking, the height of the community fence network should meet the requirements for community establishment: it has wall construction, including the establishment of the surrounding area of the community, and has more stable security protection. The formation of a stable isolation and beautification zone will also have a more stable use value for residential communities or urban greening.

2. How good is the height?

According to the wall, it is generally suitable to set up 1.2-1.5m, mainly due to the wall construction, and the bottom is made of brick, which guarantees a certain height requirement. At the same time, the beautification of the entire fence. The above-mentioned heights are to solve the construction of the community fence network, including the overall community construction, and have more stable advantages.