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Metal fence (guard rail)

Jul 13, 2018

Metal fence (guard rail)

The main structure is made of aluminum, steel or other metal materials. It is manufactured by factory. It has the functions of division, beautification, and building protection. It is generally composed of columns, handrails, crossbars, vertical bars, mesh plates, and baffles. It is composed of various special connecting parts, decorative parts and bases. It is assembled and welded into one body, which can realize the whole installation on site and is used to block the products that the human body passes.

Metal fences (guard rails) are suitable for industrial and civil buildings, municipal works and road traffic, such as: balconies, bay windows, platforms, ramps, stairs, air conditioners, municipalities, roads, bridges, riversides, parks, swimming pools, flower beds, etc. Different places that require safe enclosure and decorative isolation.


Column Column

A component for mounting and securing crossbars, handrails, meshes, baffles, and overall stability of metal fences and guardrail products.


Crossbar Crossbar

A metal rod that is placed between two columns, usually horizontally placed.


Vertical rod

Connected or interspersed between the crossbars, placed vertically, to act as a metal rod that blocks the passage of the human body.


Armrest Armrest

Attached to the upper end of the column or fixed on the building, used to stabilize the guardrail, prevent the passage of the human body, and have the functions of holding and supporting.


Mesh Mesh

A wire-like product made of steel wire, aluminum wire, aluminum wire and other metal materials, woven, kinked, and welded, is welded to the column, the cross bar, and the vertical rod by bolting.


Baffle Baffle

Steel, aluminum and other metal materials or glass, processed and fabricated thin plate products are welded, assembled and connected with bolts between columns, rails, handrails and vertical bars.


Dedicated connectors Dedicated connections

It is made of steel, aluminum and other metal materials. It is used to connect the components of the grid and has a connecting member with direction and angle adjustment functions.


Base Base

A component that is located at the bottom of the fence column to stabilize the entire fence.


Assembled Assembled

It is mainly fixed by a special fastening piece for fastening and a classical plug-type connection to form an assembly method of the main structure of the metal fence.


Welded welding

It is mainly welded and fixed by welding to form the assembly method of the main structure of the metal fence.


Isolation fence Isolation fence

It is generally located outdoors and is used to divide areas, restrict access or enter, and to limit the passage of pedestrians and vehicles.


Security fence Security Fence

It plays a protective role to prevent people and articles from falling from high places, such as guardrails installed on floor platforms, balconies, bay windows, etc.; it plays an auxiliary role to prevent falls, and is convenient for upper and lower stairs guardrails (handrails) and slopes. Road guardrail.


Landscape fence

Garden landscape fence for indoor and outdoor decoration and landscaping.


Guardrail protection height

Refers to the height of the distance from the top of the fence to the ground plane.