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New choice for the fence industry - zinc steel fence

Jul 31, 2019

New choice for the fence industry - zinc steel fence

First, rich in color, compared with traditional stainless steel, cast iron, zinc steel building materials have black matte milky white, grass green, sky blue, deep pink, light pink and other general colors, also have champagne, bronze, imitation copper and other special colors, More importantly, the powder can also be adjusted according to the customer's own preferences.

Second, to replace the rusting problem of traditional wrought iron, integrate technology and green environmental protection, and create a new vision of new vision. Traditional wrought iron guardrails are prone to rust and have a short service life. Once a rusty wrought iron railing is basically safe, it is more expensive and has a single color compared to stainless steel.

Third, the use of no solder joints, horizontal and vertical interspersed assembly. Compared with the traditional iron guardrail, the installation is faster and the appearance is more beautiful. Compared to traditional wrought iron, stainless steel lacks the most important welds and is aesthetically pleasing. Saving money, but also eliminating the need to prepare in advance.

Fourth, the safety performance is higher, zinc steel building materials use modified high-strength engineering nylon with a service life of up to 50 years, its strength and hardness are much higher than ordinary steel materials, can withstand more than 183MPA per square meter, 2729MPA The tensile force can withstand high temperatures below 220 °C without deformation. The base material of the zinc steel balcony guardrail consists of six layers: (1) Basesteel: base material, hardness value is 159 DPN; (2) zinc Steel alloy layer (Zetalayer): a dense alloy layer closest to the substrate, complex structure, strong corrosion resistance, combined with FeZn7 and FeZn13, hardness value of 211DPN, containing Fe 7%-11%; (3 ) Lead layer (Deltalayer): significantly monoclinic columnar structure, Fe content of 6%, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, hardness value of 179 DPN; (4) pure zinc layer (Etalayer): dense hexagonal system, deformation processing Not easy to break, zinc purity 98.5%, hardness value is 70DPN; (5) high zinc phosphating layer: has good corrosion resistance and enhances adhesion of coating film to substrate; (6) high temperature curing layer: excellent corrosion resistance And impact resistance, excellent UV, oxidation and surface self-cleaning properties, color change rate Not more than 5% in 15 years, so zinc steel rails have safer performance compared to traditional wrought iron and stainless steel.