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Precautions for installing lawn guardrail

Jan 18, 2017

At present, the green barrier industry has formed a number of large enterprises as the main body. In the next few years, pvc guardrail industry will gradually enter a period of quiet development, the market gradually revealed the eight major trends in the formation of large enterprises as the leading small and medium enterprises as the secondary market structure.

Lawn guardrail with special formula and special UV absorbers, do not fade, not yellow, not peeling, no cracking, no moth-eaten, fence cavity with steel pipe to enhance, with sufficient strength and impact resistance, PVC fence and With the strength of steel and PVC aesthetic. PVC steel fence without paint and maintenance, product new is not old, from your maintenance and labor costs, low cost, the service life of more than 25 years.

Lawn guardrail material is a plastic decorative material is a PVC material short, PVC resin is made of vinyl chloride monomer polymerization of thermoplastic polymers. PVC is a main raw material, adding the right amount of anti-aging agents, agents, etc., by mixing, rolling, vacuum blistering process.PVC is amorphous polymer, with a crystallinity of 5% - 10 % Of the microcrystal (melting point of 175 degrees).