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PVC guardrail how to maintain and improve service life

Jan 18, 2017

First, in order to protect the appearance of PVC rails good, we need to clean the first time in the neutral solvent soaked gauze first wipe the pollutants, and then use dry gauze to wipe clean. Prohibit the use of acidic or alkaline lotion, it is very easy to make the glass railings were corrosion.

Second, the cleaning is a regular, must be at intervals or on a regular basis in which day cleaning. So that if the problem is found, it can be processed in a timely manner in order to avoid the use of later in the process of unnecessary trouble, but also effectively extend the life of a PVC fence method.

PVC guardrail to bring us the use of security features at the same time, it's beautiful posture also gives our lives an increase of color. The length of life on the one hand by the quality of the product decision, but on the one hand still can not do without our later maintenance. So do the maintenance of the above two items so that our PVC fence always keep Liang Jie figure. So that our security more secure. PVC fence, pvc guardrail profiles, lawn guardrail, steel fence, transformer fence