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railing styles

Aug 01, 2018

Iron railings

The railing and the base are connected in the following forms:

1 Insert type: Insert the flat iron and barbed iron pieces into the reserved hole of the base, and fill it with cement mortar or fine stone concrete slurry.

2 Welded type: Weld the railing column (or pole) on the iron piece such as steel plate and casing embedded in the pedestal.

3 Bolted type: It can be sleeved with the pre-embedded screw, or the bottom nut can be fastened by the bottom nut. The above method is also applicable to laterally inclined iron railings.

Reinforced concrete railings Multi-purpose prefabricated poles are used, the lower end is connected with the pedestal ribs or the pre-embedded iron pieces, and the upper end is connected with the steel bars in the concrete handrails and poured.


Wooden railing

It is mainly based on splicing. If it is a column, the bottom of the column should be smashed into the inclined beam of the stairs, and the handrail should be connected to the column.

The slab railings can be cast in place or prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs and steel mesh slabs, or bricks. Tempered glass, plexiglass, etc. can also be considered for indoor use.

Most of the handrails are made of wood, often fixed with wooden screws on the long flat iron bars at the top of the poles (when the wooden poles are spliced). It can also be metal welded and screwed or metal-lined, decorated with wood and plastic finishes, or concrete cast, terrazzo finishes, etc. The form and size of the section should be based on functional requirements.


Stone railing

Made of marble or granite, with stone handrails and stone railings in the middle, the bottom floor is not required, if there is a large general column at the beginning of the stairs. The splicing is mainly connected by iron bars and special marble glue. Because it is made of natural stone by physical processing, it has strong anti-aging ability, thicker appearance and modern atmosphere. The outdoor multi-purpose granite is the main material, and the interior is mostly made of marble.


Laminated glass railing

Use stainless steel column and A3 steel column, the column fittings lock the glass, the glass mostly uses 6+6 safety dry clamp glass, stainless steel round pipe handrail, featuring glass as the main accessory, the style is relatively modern, suitable for transparent building And high-end shopping malls and other public places.


Clip glass fence

The glass in the middle of the column and the armrests has a small glass area, which mainly highlights the column, and has a simple sense of simplicity. It is suitable for most modern garden balcony railings.


Wire fence

The middle column, the wire clamp with less than 12CM spacers, for safety reasons, the balcony railings mostly use steel strips, children are easy to climb, the safety is not high, the wire guardrails are mostly in public places such as stairs and flyovers.


Steel mesh fence

The middle column of the column is connected with steel mesh, which has high safety and is not conducive to cleaning. It is suitable for some public places as a baffle, and the permeability is not high, but it is a kind of dynamic.


Aluminum alloy fence

Some of the modern buildings use aluminum alloy columns and handrails. In recent years, aluminum alloy railings have been widely used. Aluminum alloy railings have become a trend trend, with varied colors, stable installation, no rust, no discoloration and anti-corrosion properties.


Iron railing

Iron railings feel more classical, with larger changes, more patterns, and styles of ancientism. With the promotion of modern architecture, the use of wrought iron railings is temporarily low, which is a trend in society.


Zinc steel railing

Zinc steel railing is a hot-dip galvanized railing for steel surface anti-corrosion process. It can play a chemical protection role and has unique edge-cutting corrosion resistance. For example, how to construct a frameless sliding window on a zinc steel balcony railing, etc.