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School fence

Jul 11, 2019

School fence network: beautiful and simple, symbolizing the school's every day, the thriving scene. Used for fence anti-climbing fence, playground fence and so on.

It consists of multiple sets of metal fences, columns and piles. The fences and columns are arranged at intervals. The piles are installed at the lower end of each column. The fence consists of a plurality of crossbars and poles. The rigid joints are connected between them. The two sides of the fence are provided with detachable connecting members connected to the column, the lower end of the pile is a sharp pile head, and the upper end is connected with the column.

With the guardrail of this structure, the fence, the column and the pile can be made into standard parts, and assembled at the construction site, which can not only realize industrial production, but also has the advantages of convenient transportation and quick construction. At the same time, due to the detachable assembly structure, it is also possible to disassemble and reinstall when necessary, which is impossible with conventional fences.

Product specifications: A type four cross bar with double flower, B type three cross bar with one flower, C type three cross bar, D type two cross bar, E type curved arc, F type non-standard guardrail and other options.

Product advantages:

1. Safety: It is made of high-strength zinc alloy, formed by T5 heat treatment, and has a unique design, integrated forming, no solder joints, and the overall strength is greatly improved.

2, beautiful: streamlined appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can blend modern urban space and natural environment, let you swim in the meantime.

3, comfort: look out into the distance, enjoy the beautiful scenery, to provide you with a comfortable and safe platform.

4. Practicality: The surface is treated with special technology to form a *** protective film, smooth and flat, never rust, easy to clean, no maintenance.

5, weather resistance: This product is characterized by its aluminum alloy, and the surface is specially treated, so it can be used safely in the air pollution city or coastal areas where sea salt is corroded, so as to solve the worries of maintenance.