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Steel Security Fence 2.1M

Sep 13, 2017

Fence is 2.1M high and 2.4M wide. Pickets are 115mm apart. Top and bottom rails are 40 X 40mm and 1.6mm thickness. Vertical pickets are 25 X 25mm and 1.2mm thickness. Square pickets are much stronger than same 25mm diameter round pickets or pickets made out of angle iron.


Optional 3M steel fence posts and 2.1M high steel security gates can be used with these fence panels.


Complete fence panel is made out of steel. Surface is firstly galvanized then powder coated in dark green. These fence panels are good for industrial or commercial environment to secure the premises. These fences are very strong and harder to break-in. Sharp spear head adds more security.


Each fence panel comes with 4 mounting brackets, 8 screws. These brackets are made out of steel and coated with hot dip galvanized and powder coated in dark green. Screws are powder coated same dark green to match the fence.


Fence panel can be cut to any size by a hack saw or angle grinder in order to fit between the fence posts or brick/concrete walls. These are DIY fences and build up your security fence in a flash.


Price given is for one fence panel, 4 brackets and screws only.