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The assembly wall fence

Sep 14, 2018

The assembly wall fence installation method introduced now is assembly, and the beam, the vertical pipe and the column are assembled by hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. The raw material hot-dip galvanized square tube is cut, punched, phosphatized, electrostatically sprayed, and finally assembled into a specific size. The anti-theft performance of the product is very good. The beam and the vertical pipe are the main parts of the new type of fence. The vertical pipe is firmly fixed on the beam with the I-shaped card. The anti-theft stainless steel bolts on both sides of the beam are fixedly connected with the u-shaped card on the column. The characteristics of the new type of wall fence are summarized in the number of customers without solder joints and electrostatic spray, and the head of the vertical tube has a strong anti-theft performance.