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The backrest railing

Sep 18, 2018

The backrest railing, also commonly known as "beauty relying on" and "Wu Wang relying on", is an extension of the seat railing. It is more prominent in its seating function than the bench railing, and it is more comfortable to use, because people can not only Sitting on it, and there is a backrest to rely on. Simply put, the backrest railing is just outside the flat plate of the bench railing, and then install a short column, slightly inclined outward, this short bar is called "backrest." In addition to the slight tilting of the backrest, most of the backrest itself is curved to better suit the back of the person.

Backrest railings and bench railings are mostly found in garden buildings, especially some waterfront buildings, such as pavilions, plaques, pavilions, and open halls, to facilitate the view of the seats in the park or sit still.