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The fence (fence) can also be called a guardrail

Sep 26, 2018

The fence (fence) can also be called a guardrail. It is mainly used for isolation and protection. It saves manpower, facilitates the rational use of grassland, and improves grassland productivity. The biological fence has the function of preventing sand, improving natural conditions and improving efficiency. With the improvement of technology, fences are often used for protection of residential areas, airports, highways and railways. Fence guardrails are mainly used for protection and protection of equipment and facilities in factories, workshops, warehouses, parking lots, commercial areas, public places and other occasions. Road guardrails are everywhere in our lives. Balcony railings Fence fences are commonly made of steel, such as round steel tubes, square steel tubes or profiled steel sheets. Surface treatment process: fully automatic electrostatic powder coating (ie spray) or spray paint. The raw material used for the surface treatment of the outdoor collision barrier is a water-repellent material. The anti-collision guardrail is made in a beautiful appearance and is not easy to rust. The pillars of the fence rails are fixed to the ground by expansion bolts. Usually installed on both sides of the logistics channel, around the production equipment, building corners, sides of the door and the edge of the cargo platform. In addition, the logistics handling equipment itself also plays a protective role. Such as the protective fence at the edge of the loading and unloading platform to prevent the accidental fall of the forklift